What we stand for

Groundfloor is building an inclusive, diverse membership club. We’re rethinking what it means to be part of a private community. This is what we stand for.

– Giving people from all backgrounds and identities a space to belong
– Removing historic barriers to private spaces: invite based on interest, merit and value
– Elevating local partners, produce and products in every city we inhabit
– Using technology to connect members and optimise experiences
– Creating comfortable environments, non-conforming and interesting
– Looking forward; asking what’s next, not what happened before
– Treasuring new perspectives, facilitating learning and unlikely meetings
– Building non-institutional connections: meet people outside the normal circles
– Exclusive spaces, inclusive people: welcoming, but special

Join us

  • Diverse community of friends
  • Curated, experiential events
  • Lounge and work space
  • Bottomless espresso coffee