An institution dedicated to human connection

Groundfloor deepens relationships between, and within, communities. We recognize that conventional relationships often form through social institutions such as workplaces, schools, churches, and sports teams. As we get older, places like this become less accessible or relevant as individuals seek new experiences, move cities, or shift their interests. This trend, accelerated by the pandemic, leaves a void full of confusion about where to find a genuine relationship in your daily life. Groundfloor seeks to fill this gap.

What we stand for

Groundfloor believes in representative community. We believe in giving people from all backgrounds and identities a space to belong. We treasure new perspectives and believe in facilitating learning and unlikely meetings. We believe in non-institutional connections, and see it as our mission to help people find eachother outside of regular circles. We believe in elevating local partners, produce and products in every community we call home.


Join us

  • Coworking and lounge space
  • Personalized intros to interesting people
  • Events, gatherings and unique experiences
  • Coffee on the house (always)