A warm, welcoming space to build deep friendships

Groundfloor is a club designed to nurture people’s interests and passions within their neighborhood. We recognize that conventional relationships often form through social institutions such as workplaces, schools, churches, and sports teams. As we get older, places like this become less accessible or relevant as individuals seek new experiences, move cities, or shift their interests. This trend, accelerated by the pandemic, leaves a void full of confusion about where to find a genuine relationship in your daily life.

The core idea is to create a community-driven space where individuals can discover and engage with like-minded people, explore their interests, and build relationships, even if they no longer have access to traditional institutions that typically facilitate such connections. Groundfloor is about providing a supportive environment for personal growth, community engagement, and social cohesion.

Groundfloor is backed by experienced operators from the intersections of technology, travel and the future of work. Our investors have previously built and backed some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Join us

  • Diverse community of friends
  • Curated, experiential events
  • Lounge and work space
  • Bottomless espresso coffee