Join us on the Groundfloor. Become a Founding Member and get full access for life.

  • $200 monthly membership
  • Beautiful lounge & work space
  • Delicious food, drinks, coffee
  • Private wellness studio & gym
  • Intimate, relevant events
  • Loyalty rewards baked in

Groundfloor is an inclusive, diverse membership club. We’re rethinking what it means to be part of a private community of exceptional people. Our Founding Members come from all walks of life, and all sectors of society. More on what we stand for here.

Founding Member Spotlight

Lisa Herts

Health expert + crafter

I am excited by Groundfloor’s mission to create a diverse community space within San Francisco. I love the idea of having a comfortable, inspiring sanctuary in which to retreat and learn.

Quincy Carrol

Mind coach + novelist

My main interests are music, board games and biking. I am joining Groundfloor to build better structure into my day and access a quiet place to write.

Fifi Kara

Designer + travel aficionado

I’m excited to spend time out of my home, in a beautiful space. I enjoy meeting new people and find that there are very few diverse, curated communities. Super excited for Groundfloor to change that.

Tobe Arize

Strategist + fitness fanatic

I’m wellness obsessed. For me, having a gym and wellness studio with classes that also offers a dope place to work and meet with friends is a game-changer. I’m pumped.

Join us

  • Lounge and work spaces
  • Delicious food and drink
  • Curated talks and events
  • Wellness space and gym
  • Private, diverse community