Member first, member led, member owned.

Groundfloor gives members the power to build a community around their own interests. We take the effort out of finding other individuals with shared passions and provide a platform to host events, gatherings, and meetups to shape what happens within our walls and beyond


Access to all Groundfloor locations

Join interest groups, or start your own

Host your own events with our support

Curated friendship connections & intros based on personalities

Daily culture talks, skill workshops, and experiences

Daily wellness events and classes

Members-only discounts from local partners and brands

Bring up to 3 guests per day

Private phone booths, meeting rooms, and lounge

*based on annual membership

Presented by you

Host your own events

We're a supportive platform for the creative projects you've been dreaming about. Members work with our programming team to bring ideas to life and share their passions with the community. It’s simple — you host an event in the space free of charge and, in return, open it up to our members to attend free of charge. The floor is yours.

Find your group

Join an interest club or start your own

Groundfloor features 20+ member-run sub-clubs: micro-communities under our larger Groundfloor umbrella. These include sailing club, wine club, board game club, creatives club, music club, and everything in between.


Stay in the know, customize your experience

The key to everything. Our app keeps you connected to members and happenings outside the physical space. Join a club, book events, sign up for fitness classes, reserve a phone booth, match with members, and chat with friends. You’re in control.

Be Productive

Work around others

Creating comfortable and welcoming environments, a workday at Groundfloor is the opposite of isolated. Read a book, take a Zoom call, or collaborate with a colleague. The energy at Groundfloor sparks more inspiration than within the 4 walls of your bedroom work setup.


Wellness Experiences

We prioritize our members' physical and mental well-being by offering weekly fitness classes in our studio or partnership with local studios. Our wellness programming goes beyond just classes, as we also curate workshops and day retreats designed for intentional and grounding moments through breathwork, meditation, and sound healing.

How to become a member

NOTE: We're currently on a waitlist for all locations. Memberships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to approved applicants only.

Membership starts here with a 2-min intro quiz.

There is no single type of Groundfloor member; we’re looking for individuals who align with our values and will actively contribute to our community. A blank canvas for community builders and a comfortable environment for community seekers. If we don’t think you’re a fit, we’ll tell you why.

Groundfloor is committed to representation. We never turn away an applicant because of membership fees and regularly offer discounts to applicants from marginalized communities and others through the Groundfloor Scholarship. More on what we stand for here.

Member Spotlight

Allison Carpio

Marketing Consultant + Food Nerd

At Groundfloor I've developed and deepened so many friendships since I joined. Whenever I cowork or attend an event, I know there will be familiar faces there. It's exciting to look at my calendar and see board game nights, potlucks, and creative gatherings there.

Liz Morrison

Storytelling Consultant + Tarot Reader

As a solo entrepreneur, I was seeking more community and camaraderie in my life. Groundfloor is not only a great place to work, but it's been a springboard to making new friends, sharing my passions, and improving my social life.

Omer Osman

Traveler + Music Aficionado

I spent 5 years in Europe before coming back to the US. My strongest friendships came about through shared experiences. The sub-clubs at Groundfloor help make that happen.

Tobe Arize

Strategist + Fitness Fanatic

I’m wellness obsessed. For me, having a gym and wellness studio with classes that also offers a dope place to work and meet with friends is a game-changer. I’m pumped.

Join us

  • Coworking and lounge space
  • Personalized intros to interesting people
  • Events, gatherings and unique experiences
  • Coffee on the house (always)