Asking Questions Deeper than “What do you do for work”?

455 Valencia St, San Francisco — home to a diverse community of friends, experiential events, and a workspace that doubles as your second living room. Our secret sauce is not just the eminently warm and inviting interiors, or the ice machine that molds perfectly crunchy ice, but more so the genuine friendships made and the aura of authenticity amongst members at Groundfloor. We are excited to share what we’ve been up to since our launch in March 2022.

Our flagship location is in the heart of the Mission District, one of San Francisco’s most eclectic and culturally rich neighborhoods. Given this, it is no surprise that we have attracted a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative group of founding members. Doctors, writers, dancers, artists, engineers, designers – there is no one type of person that joins Groundfloor. What our members do for work is secondary to us; we’re focused instead on what other interests and passions our members hold, and giving them the space and tools to explore those interests with a new set of friends.

Groundfloor is building a platform for authentic community; creating the infrastructure to enable connectivity in the real world. Bringing good people together is our mission, and the quality of friendships created here is how we measure success. Through a variety of sub-clubs, member-led events, partnerships, and community-focused gatherings, we provide a space and opportunity for hundreds of people to foster relationships. Whether that be from a weekly members lunch, Friday night bar crawl, finding the concert buddy you’ve been searching for, or tennis partner you thought you’d never have, Groundfloor has intentionally curated a place for introducing new people with shared commonalities.

What’s our secret weapon?

The “Club’s clubs” as we like to call them. A list of 20+ mini-communities within the larger Groundfloor membership base, based on members’ interests. Each club has a leader, a member of Groundfloor who is passionate about that particular activity or hobby, and gatherings are hosted weekly. Tennis, rock climbing, biking, music, reading – the list goes on. Some club gatherings are quickly becoming a tradition, and as the data shows, you’re likely to find your new best friend at wine clubs Thursday night pourings! We’re always looking to add more clubs and are passionate about providing members the chance to explore new hobbies and learn new skills.

Bringing together outside communities with similar values is an essential piece of the Groundfloor puzzle. We’ve been fortunate to partner with local brands and organizations, introducing our members to many Bay Area change-makers in wellness, music, food, community, and activism. We’re excited to partner with others in the future and look forward to expanding our network of people who appreciate sharing differences, creating cultural moments, and developing friendships.

We like to keep our calendar full and people busy with events every day of the week! For the rest of the year, you can expect a lineup full of supper clubs, member-led jam sessions, art classes, comedy shows, block parties, wellness retreats, and much more! Follow us on Instagram and Eventbrite to stay in tune with our events schedule – or even better, apply to be a member and book the events directly from the Groundfloor app.

Join us

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