San Francisco’s best co-working space has more benefits than just a desk – wellness classes, clubs, and events

For some, the office days are over. There’s a void in the world for those longing for an after-work drink with their colleagues or an afternoon vent session after a long, dreadful meeting. Pre-Covid, you made friends in the office, and naturally, a friendship blossomed from there.

In today’s world, this has become an anomaly.

Forget a frigid workspace with white walls and artificial lights that strain your eyes—people want new best friends, water cooler conversations that develop into dinners, work days that turn into game nights, and a place where you can bring your colleagues for the day. Where can you find a co-working place like this? in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA.


Groundfloor is a next-generation co-working space in San Francisco, as profiled here in the San Francisco Chronicle. A space that has more benefits than just a daily place to sit and work, it’s a shared workspace with an emphasis on friendship and connectivity.

Day to day at Groundfloor

Beautiful cerulean blue modular couches form in the center of the room, with natural light pouring into the lounge through stunning glass pane windows. Thanks to the curated interior design, there is a range of spaces to work. Groundfloor has 8 desks, 4 phone booths, and 3 private meeting rooms that you can book through the app as a member. The floor plan consists of a library for those who prefer to work in peace and a lounge where members can take calls, eat lunch, and socialize with others.


Groundfloor’s kitchen is designed to feel like your own. You can find charcoal plates and cups lined up on the wall, lustrous gold silverware, and a coffee machine that arguably has one too many buttons. Coffee and tea are free, and snacks and soft beverages are available to purchase in the fridge. Members are also welcome to store alcohol in the fridge without paying a cork fee; it truly is a home away from home.

There’s a gym located on the back patio with workout equipment and groundfloor members have access to an exceptional wellness program that includes barre, yoga, pilates, boxing, and even a chair massage service! Classes are provided weekly and are free for members. If you’re interested in scouting out the work environment, day passes are available to book through Deskpass and LiquidSpace. You can also drop in for a tour to learn more about the community and how to become a member.

Located in the Mission District off 16th and Valencia, the food and beverage scene is unmatched. It’s not uncommon for members to find themselves indulging in a daily empanada from Venga, deep-dish pizza from Joyride, Pica Pica’s mouthwatering arepas, or walking two blocks down to Souvla for the best damn frozen yogurt in San Francisco. This is only a small number of the neighboring restaurants to Groundfloor; we haven’t even started into the nightlife!

Covid started a boom in these new spaces, and they’re popping up in every city across the world. There are plenty of other co-working spaces in San Francisco, but Groundfloor approaches it differently by ensuring you meet new people and make new friends. A new location is opening in Oakland in February 2023. As a member of Groundfloor, you will have access to both locations. This is huge for current members who live in the East Bay and commute to Groundfloor for events, work, fitness classes, etc. Things just got easier for some, and this is likely to spark interest in those who were not so keen on traveling to the San Francisco location.

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  • Diverse community of friends
  • Curated, experiential events
  • Lounge and work space
  • Bottomless espresso coffee