Why Oakland?

We discussed many potential cities when considering where Groundfloor should go next, focusing on locations where we felt we could meaningfully build a representative community, new friendships, and local partnerships. There’s no ignoring the unprecedented changes in lifestyle, work, and social interactions that the pandemic created, and it’s our mission to do something about them.

So – how and where can we find a location and community that lives up to what we created at location 1 in San Francisco? We started by searching for a diverse set of members with different ethnicities, careers, and backgrounds, bound by a common desire to come together and share their stories.

This is what distinguishes Groundfloor.

Since our opening, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with like-minded organizations native to the Bay Area Toasted Life, Manny’s, Root Division, Hot Spot Creatives, YCore, The Optimist Collective, and many more. Through conversations with our partners and members, it became obvious that we should focus on Oakland for location 2.
Oakland is an urban cultural mecca with an unmatched artistic and culinary scene and is also home to about 20% of our current San Francisco membership. They’ve been asking for an East Bay spot since day 1 – and we’re finally giving them one! One of the most racially and ethnically diverse cities in the country, Oakland is a place where people make the effort to get to know their neighbors, attend community events, and support the arts.

The town is rooted in BIPOC creatives, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and community activists. Amongst these are BLK Girls Greenhouse, The Collective Oakland, Oaklandish, and Oakland Art Murmur— all organizations that have been building community for many years.

Temescal District

Highlighting the personality, values, and history of each of our locations is an important part of Groundfloor’s ethos. Our Oakland space is located in Temescal, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Oakland, California. The neighborhood derives its name from Temescal Creek, a significant watercourse in the city. Right next to the Mac Arthur BART station and famous Temescal Brewery, the area is known locally as the home to small independent thoughtfully-curated shops and restaurants; such as Curbside Creamery, Crimson Horticulture Rarities, Cro Cafe, Marisa Mason, Bakesale Betty, Burma Superstar. We’re thrilled to be building a new home for connection on 41st and Telegraph, as well as a platform for supporting organizations and businesses throughout Oaktown.

Entering a city that is rich in history and thrives on community, camaraderie, and social justice perfectly aligns with the Groundfloor mission, and we can’t wait to show you the programming Groundfloor has lined up for its new home of friends.

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